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Vivant wellness spa has a proven expertise in providing authentic Thai therapies under the masterful hands of trained and certified Thai therapists who give utmost attention to Quality, Service and Cleanliness. We Aims to lead the wellness industry with its aspiring & Innovative team of Experts committed toward high Quality of service.

In Our Everyday lives, as we run to achieve our personal and professional goals, we forgot all about really enjoying life and its moments. We forgot to pause and relax. Which result us in experiencing a various malfunctioning of organ and tissue in our body due to that we feel stress and muscle pain etc. VIVANT Wellness Spa Has been specifically conceived keeping in mind the exhausting demand of busy schedule and the adverse consequence of a modern lifestyle on out Body, Mind & Soul.

The Word VIVANT derived from French which means LIVING or ART OF LIVING. In vivant we are not only giving massage or therapy but also we let our customer know how important duty we have live in a Good life. We help people so that one can have a HEALTHY LIFE.

Our personalized services and attention to details build trust among many Family and individuals. Which help us in achieving our goal. Though we are one of the youngest wellness industry we are proud to say that we earn trust from many customer from different location of Pune.

Our Philosophy is HEALTH is the most valuable WEALTH that we live with it in this life, therefore keeping our body Health& Stable Should be our most priority duty. Than it come to HAPPINESS which is infused into everything we do and the combination of HEALTH & HAPPINESS give a complete well being of Individual or a Family


Our Vision

To be the most Favorites places for Relaxation and Rejuvenation. With World class standard in an affordable prices.


Our Mission

In Vivant Family Thai Spa we believed that Health is Wealth. And our mission is keeping everyone healthy who chose us.


Know some interesting facts

The origins of traditional Thai massage began over 2,500 years ago along with the introduction of Buddhism. It is one of four branches of traditional medicine in Thailand, the others being herbs, nutrition, and spiritual practice. The legendary historical creator of Thai medicine is Dr. Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha, known as ShivagaKomarpaj in Thailand. Bhaccha was from the north of India and said to be a close associate of the Buddha and chief to the original community gathered around the Buddha. The movement of medicine into Thailand accompanied a migration of monks from India to Thailand, possibly around the second century B.C.E. Thai medicine developed within the context of Buddhist monasteries and temples, where Thai people have traditionally sought relief from all kinds of suffering.

While the recorded history of Thai massage was lost during the Burmese attack on the royal capital of Ayutthia in 1767, the surviving records are now inscribed in stone and can be found at the SalaMohNuat (massage pavilion) within the temple of PraChetuphon in Bangkok, known as Wat Po, the temple of the reclining Buddha. Its spiritual aspect also remains as teachers of the therapy begin classes with the practice of Wai-Kru, a series of prayers and recitations dedicated to ShivagoKomarpaj, the father of Thai massage and the Goddess of Healing, and teaches of the tradition through the centuries.