Aroma Oil Therapy

  • Soft & Mild Pressure

Aromatherapy is a fascinating alternative medicine that involves the use of volatile plant materials, also known as essential oils that can be aromatically inhaled by patients of a wide variety of health conditions. It is often used to improve mood, change cognitive states, and can also be utilized as a supplemental medicine.

As a holistic therapy, aromatherapy is believed to benefit both the mind and body. Here,the aromatic substances from a flower stimulates the olfactory bulb and neurons. The desired emotional response (such as relaxation) is activated from the limb system of the brain.

Benefits of Aroma Oil Therapy

  • 1Boost Memory Capacity
  • 2Eliminate of Feeling of Depression
  • 3Relieves different type of pain in body
  • 4Increase circulation and energy level in body
  • 5Help in treating constipation, indigestion and bloating
  • 6Speed up healing process
  • 7Provides relieves from insomnia anad stress
  • 8Give relieves from headache and migraine
  • 9Boosts immune system and digestive system
  • 10Reduce Severity and Discomfort cause by psoriasis and eczema


60 min
90 min
120 min