Anti Oxidant Facial
₹2200 60 min
 Our decadent chocolate antioxidant facial is perfect for youthful skin. Chocolate helps to stimulate circulation, helping to bring impurities to the surface to be removed during this facial treatment. The result is a powerful concoction that absorbs toxins, controls premature ageing and fights free radicals which are likely to cause cell and tissue damage leaving the skin supple, smooth, radiant & clean

Skin Lightening
₹2200 60 min
 Enriched with natural plant extracts and essential oils, this masque thoroughly cleanses the skin while visibly lightening the complexion and diminishing appearance of spots. It is also excellent for sun exposed and tanned skin

Age defying
₹2200 60 min
 This facial is designed to perk up and invigorate dull, mature & damaged skin. It increases the skin’s resilience, firmness and freshness and promotes skin health and repair. This natural mixture exfoliates dead skin cells to reveal beautiful, radiant, soft skin while diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Acne prone skin
₹2200 60 min
 This oil free facial is excellent for skin that is sensitive to breakouts. This facial will ensure hydration of your skin without the use of oils on your skin

Dry - Dehydrated Skin
₹1499 60 min
This skin refining & brightening facial helps in removing excess oils & impurities, reduce pigmentation, alleviates sun & pollution damage and improves complexion. It fights wrinkles & dryness and protects & moisturizes the skin

Oily - Purifying Skin
₹1499 60 min
 This facial is specially designed for oily and acne prone skin. The process involves the use of deep cleansing clays that remove dirt, grime and impurities leaving the skin visibly brighter and firmer

Combination Skin
₹1700 60 min
 This masque contains natural clays and fruit extracts that will balance and regulate excessive sebum production, particularly in the t-zone, leaving your skin soft, supple and radiant